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Exhibitors – Iowa Residents Only
You may enter for the Iowa Beef Expo, pay your IJBBA yearly dues and your respective yearly breed dues online.  You may also just pay your dues if you will not be showing at the expo.  There are NO refunds.  Dues are automatically added to your cart by being an exhibitor.
Breeds are collecting their yearly dues via our online entry system.  Please be sure to add these to your cart when submitting your entries.
In an effort to provide more information in our show program the IJBBA board voted to require fields including Tag Number, Tattoo, Registration Number and Sire Name.  If you are showing a Crossbred Steer or Commercial Heifer you may not have a tattoo and can put N/A or 0 in that field.  This does not mean that you are required to bring the animal you entered the registration information on as this locks you into your breed, but not the animal.  As in the past, you can change from a Breed to a Commercial or Crossbred, but not change from one breed to the other after February 1, 2020 only heifers or steers purchased in one of the breed sales held during the 2020 Expo my be entered after February 1, 2020.
  New this year is if you are entering the Photography conest you will upload your images at the end of process after you pay.  You will still enter for judging on Friday, but this helps collect the digital images for use and People's Choice.
You must pay your yearly IJBBA dues once a year.  These will be required to be paid when entering online.  If you have previously paid these dues you will receive a refund via the mail.  
Please indicate on shirt size if it is adult or youth.  (Example:  Youth Small or Adult Large)
Trailer permits for the Rock Island Trailer Parking will be available for purchase online at www.sconlinesales.com on January 26th and will be a horse race finish.
Fitting Tents may be reserved by calling Rob Campfield at 515-577-4969 & get your permit in the office.  If you are sharing a tent with a group of families please have only one family reserve your spot.  The cost is $1 per square foot and receive 50% back in your deposit.  Please contact the cattle barn office 515-262-3111 Ext. 4301 for questions on fitting tents during Beef Expo.
You will be creating an account with a password when you enter that allows you to access your entries.  With this account you will be able log-in to create future entries for Beef Expo this year, however all etnries are due February 1, 2020.  If you created an account and password in previous years you will be creating a new one this year as the accounts are only active for the current year.
If you have any changes that need to be made to your entries please contact prior to expo or stop in the office prior to check-in.
Please contact Jenny Studer at jenny_studer@cargill.com or 319-530-3056 with questions.
Thank you for using online entry processing.
Please remember by using online entry processing you have read all aforementioned rules and regulations and agree to abide by them and indemnify all employees of firms under contract to and representatives of Iowa Beef Expo; Iowa Beef Breeds Council; Iowa regional and national breed associations; Iowa Cattlemen's Association; and Iowa Junior Beef Breeds Association from all liabilities.  We certify the above information is true to the best of our knowledge and entries comply with all aforementioned rules and regulations in respect to participant's participation.